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The Wonder Method™ Workshop. We begin on July 1, 2024..

learn the wonder method and birth your new reality into being

hello hello

your future self

is calling

Why answer the call?

To reduce stress! Your future you needs a regulated nervous system in order to spend more time in your purpose rather than being robbed by stress and chaos.

Ignoring the energetic imbalances in your body cause you to be stuck in negative thinking and pesky habits (and plenty more unpleasantries). This is not the recipe for manifesting the life of your dreams.

What contributes to and drives the stress response?

• Worry

• Overwhelm

• Social anxiety

• Fear of the unknown

• Comparing yourself to others

• Family challenges

• Financial conflict

Break free of what’s holding you back

Distracted by all the things is like ..

• Not feeling safe

• Feeling lost

• Lack of clarity

• Unexpected change

• Others' emotions taking a toll on you

• Stress creates excess cortisol which causes:

• Immune system gets repressed

• Blood sugar increases

• Weight gain due to sugar cravings

Bring an end to thinking your way around emotional "rough seas"

Stop wondering why you can't transcend your negative thinking.

When worry, fear and anxiety hit .. it's a real struggle.

With The Wonder Method™, you don't have to think positive thoughts.

You just need to practice the techniques ... and let the method work it's magic.

If you don’t learn the method to manage your feelings, you won’t be able to practice the tools

and if you don’t practice the tools, you won’t have the knowledge

and without the knowledge ... your emotions are creating unchecked drama for you

Develop your discipline, master your emotions and quit sabotaging your joy so that you can authentically live your purpose.

hello gorgeous! stressed relationships are a result of unmanaged energy (aka giving your power away)

You’re over it when it comes to letting fear of failure and fear of success sabotage your intentions. You want more nourishing connections!

is anybody In there? Numbing creates barriers between you and your negative emotions (AND ROBS YOU OF JOY)

Caught up in the smoke-hazed, Netflix dazed, wine-time, social scrolling, taking care of others before yourself lifestyle? It's time to stop the madness and improve your brain health!

ring ring! UNsatisfied? follow your gut knowing.

Tired of being inconsistent with your commitments? Not sure the root cause of why you can’t uphold new habits, or follow through with intentions?

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change...

... here's why improving your stress-response is important: When you feel and process your feelings, you are more available to respond to the always present creative flow of life (rather than being stuck in an emotional-loop of fear, worry and lack of clarity).

You will get noticed at work for that promotion. Others will listen to your ideas in meetings. You will make new friends. You will stop being annoyed by others. You will create unshakable trust within your circle of influence. You will be present.

Being present aligns you with synchronious opportunities.

Hello, my name is Aimee Hanson and I build relationships. After several amazing career moves (I often found myself in the right place at the right time), I discovered a helpful little secret that really isn’t a secret at all: business is less grit & strategy and more about emotions, mind/body resilience and a consistent stress-reduction practice. I used to push myself hard (and numb due to unprocessed pain) to reach my goals and now I'm lighter on myself, yet I have more satisfaction than before. My life experience has changed for the better since learning The Wonder Method™. Once I learned how to partner with my energy and process my feelings, everything changed for the better. Life got smoother. It starts with your breath and feeling your inner waves.

Learning how to manage my energy changed EVERYTHING.

It was the spring of 2019. I had just gone through a difficult breakup and was drawn to emotional healing. I was getting Alain & Jody Herriot's newsletter, including articles about energy healing classes. I did some research into the efficiency of their work and promptly signed up for all of The Wonder Method™ Energy Healing classes. Shortly after that, my life rapidly transformed, providing me new incredible opportunities to respond to. With such an AMAZING and fairly simple-to-do transformation, I knew I wanted to share this method with others.

I am now a certified Wonder Method™ Energy Healing Instructor. And I can not wait to show you how to work with and heal your own energies.



You swore to yourself that you'd never do that again. But here you are .. catching yourself with your hand in the cookie jar again. Quit sabotaging your success!

Don't let fear, worry, judgement or comparison take you down.

No-one likes to suffer. Stop treating yourself this way.


Are you a type A personality? Always go-go-go, not really making time for nurturing self talk or cultivating a lower stress-response?

You can heal your own energy. Your emotions and feelings are yours. They don’t have to be mysterious or haunting. You don't need the answers, you just need to play the game (and it's learnable).


What will take you to the next place in life is not what has gotten you to where you are now. It's not about working harder. It's about accessing your energy and the tools you already have, to melt the stress crystals that are causing you pain. But .. HOW?

You can learn to ride your energy waves 



wasted time....


wasted money....


frustration ....

because here's the thing.

you are a sensual being.

Partner with your nervous system and shift your energy to ALIGN WITH YOUR FUTURE SELF

Sense Yourself

I will teach you the techniques to perceive your energy.

As you deepen your understanding of what is going on inside of you, as you practice sensing your energy, you will become more regulated .. less stressed.

Being yourself is an excellent way to build nourishing connections with others.

Start here. Sense yourself.

Be Present

You have ever-changing inner waves of feeling.

In class, you will surf your energy for healing but more precisely, it's the experience of feeling your energy wave that you are mastering (not necessarily feeling the feeling, it's not about "what" you're feeling, it's about moving that energy). There are a few key steps here that are simple to learn. It takes practice to partner with your nervous system.

You got this. Presence.

Ease In

This is something you can use everyday.

Learn how to play the game of life with your rules.

Expressing and embodying your energy aligns you with your purpose and mission.

And this partners you up with your future self (who happens to be an amazing human)

The game of life requires you to be gentle with yourself while at the same time, allowing your feelings to express. Stop numbing and hiding. Start solving problems in unique ways.


Tending to your life force energy, your breath and how you feel - several times per day - is absolutely the first step in living a regulated life.

You. Are. Pure. Life. Force. Energy.

Retrain your energy in very simple ways so that you may experience more healing, clarity, confidence and ease. More magic! More SMOOTHNESS.

Regulate your nervous system and reconnect with life.

Watch the drama, stress, and worry melt away, and experience peace & belonging.

welcome to your


secret advantage

The Wonder Method is an experiential workshop that runs for 6 weeks with easy to follow instruction. You get focused practice time with me so that you really understand how to work with the method. Creating your new reality can be simple.

Let’s explore the method behind The Wonder Method ..

In our live video workshop you will shift your physical, emotional and spiritual foundation, like pressing a reset button for your life, to affect your health and your relationship with the rest of the world.

During our time together, I will teach you how to expand your energy. Awareness and freedom await. Reconnect with your unlimited self.

Receive 1:1 support from me with practical steps to access your energy. Class is limited to 2-4 students.

Did you know that 20% of the people do 80% of the work? In other words, the work you do with me will positively impact the people around you. You know your crazy friend? Do this for her 🤩🤩

My teacher says it best: “You will unlock yourself from the status quo using a combination of breathing, gentle movement and feeling .. allowing each day to be an expression of joy and freedom. Here, the only limits on your life are those that you impose on yourself. The Wonder Method™ is your avenue to a joy beyond compare.”

No fluffy theory

No complicated workbook

No more confusion

The Wonder Method™ is the best energy tool for healing your emotions. This is the workshop that helps you create your new reality.

Here’s what you'll learn in The 6-week Wonder Method™ workshop:

Breathing + Wonder

We partner with our breath and experience the opening it offers.

This feels like Magic


Letting In + Processing

A popular module, students enjoy practicing letting everything in while holding an open state.

Sensing + Easing

Emotions are subtle. In this method we allow them and experience them lightly.

Gremlins + Boundaries

When the surf is really good, we say it's going off. Similar to our emotions, if we're going off then we can count on some internal waves.

I will teach you to experience your energy so that the big waves won't take you down like the mavericks.

Transform the big kahuna into a mellow lull. Satisfy your senses.

Perception + Movement

Returning to the source is serenity.

Our nervous system let's us know when we've had a shift, which feels like tingling, a sense of warmth ..

as if you are going from intensity to comparative ease ..

a sense of melting within, or of the mind going from active to quiet.

Evolve + Practice

Evolve your understanding of how to sense what is going on inside yourself.

It's all about unwinding. You don't need to go back to past habits.

You have new tools, aligned with your intuition.


Are you ready to shift your energetic state and transform your life?

Week 1 - How to Practice the Breath + Wonder

Week 2 - Letting In + Processing

Week 3 - Sensing + Easing

Week 4 - Gremlins + Boundaries

Week 5 - Perception + Movement

Week 6 - Evolve + Practice



IF YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED I will refund your money.

If, by the end of the second class, you don’t feel resonant to this work, let me know and I will gladly refund your investment.

And apparently people quite like me ..

Life is too short to not nurture authentic connections

Aimee is my favorite support group.


Aimee seamlessly and effortlessly inspires others by going through and being inspired by her own growing edge, with a fine sense of aesthetic I would like to add.


Aimee is warm, fun, supportive, and clear in her instructions. Before I started the class, I didn’t know if I would be able to accomplish Breath with Wonder. This turned out to be unfounded. The class was fun and Aimee is a great teacher.

- LP, Summer, 2023 Alumni

Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto famously noted that 80% of our results are dictated by 20% of our actions. There’s no point wasting time on strategies that don’t get results. I’ve found that 5-15 minutes every day is generally plenty time to practice the wonder method (going longer feels good and is completely normal).

Life is too short to let fear & worry have power over you. So don't let it.


Are you ready to shift your energetic state and transform your life?

Week 1 - How to Practice the Breath + Wonder

Week 2 - Letting In + Processing

Week 3 - Sensing + Easing

Week 4 - Gremlins + Boundaries

Week 5 - Perception + Movement

Week 6 - Evolve + Practice



Got Questions?

Good because I have answers!

Why should you trust me?

A great question! Right now you might find me to be a mildly endearing stranger online, telling you I know a lot about converting bad habits into a new reality of bliss. I became a Reiki Master in 2012 and have done a ton of my own personal development work. I have 100+ testimonials and recommendations from wonderful people who haven taken one or more of my offerings and whose energy improved as a result.

What are emotions, anyway?

Emotions are a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others; any of the particular feelings that characterize such a state of mind such as joy, anger, love, hate, horror, etc, Instinctive or intuitive feeling as distinguished from reasoning or knowledge.

I'm worried I won't be able to remember the steps when I'm out in the real world.

If you do everything I teach you in class, including home practice, you'll quickly notice the drama reducing from your life and the release of pressures that were holding you in old states of being. The best part of this work is feeling present. We will practice the steps many times together in class; it is my job to make sure you understand the material.

Oh no, I can't attend the workshops live!

A day after each class, and sometimes sooner, I email out the mp4 recording of the class to the students so that you can save to your device or to your cloud account. It is yours forever. Also please email me your questions, I will always answer my students emailed questions to the best of my ability. Questions on social may go unanswered in which case just email me. Thank you.

How long until I can expect to see results?

Results vary by how open you are to the material and how open you allow yourself to become. A very closed person will have lower results than someone who allows the energy to move. All we are doing is moving energy so in that regard everyone receives results, however, some people will feel the results more than others. The results really are a subjective experience although I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help those who are more closed at the beginning, to help them achieve results. We work as a team and move forward with the material together.

I've done similar courses before, how is this different?

I know there are a lot of options when it comes to learning energy healing. I've taken a few of the workshops out there, as have some of my students and the bottom line is no one teaches quite like me.

What makes The Wonder Method™ so efficient is my 1:1 attention, focused on your success. Not only do I show the technique in a variety of ways but we also improv a bit to imagine ourselves in real life healing situations so you begin to get a practical understanding of the tools.

So how is this different?

Firstly, The Wonder Method™ is not a course, it's a do-it-with-you workshop where I take you through the training step by step. You'll see exactly what to do and how to do it. My workshop is all about seriously simplifying the energy healing process so YOU can live your life .. not the other way around.

By learning this method, you'll learn how to manage your energy; increase your intuition; and trust your feelings as the guides they are to your next best step. This positions you as a powerful person in the world and establishes you as a respected, credible person. All of these things are part of your recipe to create your new zesty reality.

True freedom. Be present. Sense yourself.

Your success is my success. Register now. Shift your reality.


Are you ready to shift your energetic state and transform your life?

Week 1 - How to Practice the Breath + Wonder

Week 2 - Letting In + Processing

Week 3 - Sensing + Easing

Week 4 - Gremlins + Boundaries

Week 5 - Perception + Movement

Week 6 - Evolve + Practice



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